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In reviewing our “pay for performance” case studies we came to a startling discovery: while our clients have always received positive results from our total compensation initiatives and performance solutions, the most exciting ones have come after they have engaged us to teach their employees about THEIR business. Employees are hungry for this type of information. At their core, most are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, yet often can’t see a link between the work they are doing, the business’ purpose and key goals (most aren’t even aware of the company’s goals!). It’s been amazing to see how companies leap ahead of their competition when: they have the right people, select the right goals, and do the right things. This business essentials training compliments and adds value to a well-designed Total Rewards strategy. Some of our performance solutions and business essentials training services include:

  • Clarifying desired outcomes & learning objectives.
  • Reviewing pertinent financial information to provide a “big picture” understanding for employees.
  • Discussing the type of information that can be shared.
  • Determining class size and related logistics.
  • Ensuring clear communication.
  • Linking training to business goals.
  • Developing customized training modules.
  • Facilitating training sessions.
  • Providing tools for keeping the program (and the communication!) going after the completion of the first sessions.

For additional Performance Solutions and innovative approaches to employee engagement, take a look at Terry Comp & Kal Peters’ new book “Think Inside the Box!


Challenge: Company was losing some of its biggest customers due to significant problems with On-Time Delivery. Owner didn’t know what the metrics were, but needed to uncover and then discover solution for improving.

Solution: LTC had been hired to teach business fundamentals to the management team, and then the workforce. LTC was then asked to help solve the OTD problem. Met with a cross-functional team of employees and facilitated a few meetings.

Results: On-Time Delivery jumped from 77% to 94% in 2 months. Rose, again, by year-end to 98%. The company turned its biggest weakness into its biggest strength in a matter of months. 


"If you raise the bottom, the top rises.”
– Jack Stack




"LTC’s Business Essentials Training was extremely well received at all levels. We were able to quickly put the training into use with exceptional results."
John Hoskinson
Gruber Systems