Private companies need practical solutions to their executive compensation challenges and they need them now! Most lack the resources of their larger public company counterparts and need an advisor who is readily accessible and one they can trust in helping to build their compensation strategy for their executive team. Over the last 20+ years, we have helped hundreds of private company CEOs and business owners manage their largest investment — executive compensation. LTC Performance Strategies’ services include:

  • Development of Compensation Positioning Strategy
  • Clarification of Executive Roles
    • Job Description Development
    • Mini-Job Profile Development
  • Development of Competitive Pay Reports
    • Survey Benchmark Compensation Analysis
  • Design of "Win-Win" Solutions
    • Base Pay Levels
    • Design of Annual Incentive Programs
    • Development of any Long-Term Incentive Plans
    • Incorporation of appropriate Perquisites/ Executive Deferral Plans
  • Review of any Compensation-Related Compliance Concerns
  • Independent Considerations & Recommendations
  • Ad Hoc Services
    • Design of Employment Contracts
    • Associated Communications/ Training
    • Expert Witness Support
  • Board Compensation

For additional information on Executive Compensation for Private Companies, see Larry Comp & Steve Smith’s book “Executive Compensation for Private Company CEO’s & Business Owners."


Challenge: Owner decided to try to sell his $200M (revenue) company, while unsure of its salability due to product liability issues. Needed to incent & retain senior leadership team comprised of executives with diverse issues and concerns.

Solution: Worked closely with BOD and leadership team to clarify issues and improve trust levels; designed an integrated “win-win” incentive scheme that balanced the needs of the various stakeholders.

Results: Company performance improved and was subsequently sold; leadership team remained up to and through the Change of Control; incentive payouts were well received.


Solutions should be tailored to each company’s unique situation, such as type of ownership, stage of evolution, pay for performance philosophy, size, industry, geographical labor market, and exit strategy.




"Faster, superior, less expensive executive compensation solutions; easy to understand and implement."
Glenn Grindstaff
Vice President, HR & Ethics Officer
L-3 Communications