Short-term “pay for performance” Incentive Compensation Plans represent an organization’s most potent vehicle for driving performance & behavior across all organizational levels. Long-term incentive compensation plans help companies to attract, retain & build ownership among their key strategic leaders, while focusing them on driving the company’s long-term performance, growth & value. Our pay-for-performance incentive compensation planning services include:

  • Development of Company-Wide Goalsharing Incentive Plans
    • Facilitation of 1-Page Business Plans
    • Development of Balanced Scorecard Goals & Drivers
    • Determination of Plan Eligibility
    • Selection of Organizational Goals
    • Development of Participant Incentive Payout Targets
    • Establishment of Plan Metrics & Relative Weightings
    • Identification of Plan Provisions
    • Development of Plan Documentation & Associated Modeling
    • Training on Selecting and Articulating Performance Goals
    • Incorporation of Appropriate Communications
  • Development of Long-Term Incentive Plans
    • Similar Services As Above, for:
      • Cash-Based Long-Term Plans
      • Phantom Stock Plans
      • Net Proceeds (Change-of-Control) Plans
      • Performance Share Plans
      • Restricted Stock Plans
      • Stock Option Plans


Challenge: Loss of a major customer threatened the business; budgets cut to the bone; quick fix needed to stem pending layoffs.

Solution: Created 60-day Gainsharing Program to leverage recent business training to uncover any undiscovered cost savings.

Results: Over $300,000 in “hidden” cost savings identified within 60 days; portion shared with employees; teamwork/ sense of pride improved immediately.


"A well-structured incentive program can boost productivity and instill a sense of shared responsibility among employees; a haphazardly designed program, on the other hand, can make a bad problem even worse."
– Michael Alter




"LTC’s Gainsharing program yielded over $300,000 in “hidden” cost savings---in less than 60 days."
Harvey Berg
Prior CEO
OAN Services