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Forward-looking companies continue to look for innovative performance solutions, which improve organizational and individual performance. Performance development solutions can take on many forms. For instance, at the organizational level, you might look at creating an integrated one-page business plan, and aligning performance goals up, down and across the organization. At the individual level, you might consider creating a more effective, goal-based approach to performance appraisal, or looking at some new/innovative approaches to employee development. All these initiatives serve to help properly engage and incentivize your employees in conjunction with a well-designed Total Rewards strategy. Some of our performance solutions include:

  • Clarifying the existing culture & obstacles to growth.
  • Educating team members on the "Secrets of Successful Growth Leaders".
  • Creating a company "Success Chart" including vision, mission, values, balanced scorecard, and performance drivers.
  • Clarifying/aligning organizational roles, goals, & accountabilities.
  • Developing integrated "win-win" incentive plans.
  • Providing Business Essentials training.
  • Creating an integrated approach to employee performance development.
  • Providing associated communications/ training support, including training for leaders & employees.
  • Crafting Career Development Programs/ Systems and providing training for leaders and employees.

For additional information on Performance Development and innovative approaches to employee engagement, take a look at Terry Comp & Kal Peters’ new book “Think Inside the Box!



Challenge: Company set out to create the ultimate performance appraisal program, which included 59 areas of assessment. Both the managers and their employees hated the new system and were pretty scathing in their comments.

Solution: EngagedLTC to take a zero-based approach in determining what was truly needed to create a progressive system that was acceptable to all parties

Results: Created a simple, progressive and integrated performance and career development program. Incorporated an engaging and effective training program. Was very well accepted. 


In many companies, performance appraisal could be defined as “that process which keeps the manager up the night before and the employee the night after.”




"LTC helped me quickly align and focus one of my prior executive teams in preparing the company for sale. They quickly built trust and optimal engagement. I continue to engage LTC and recommend them to business associates."
Bret Hadley
President/ CEO
Roberts Cosmetics & Containers