Executive Compensation

Our team has helped 100s of organizations attract, motivate, & retain top executive talent, while achieving their growth & profitability goals.

Executive Compensation

Today’s organizations must manage a number of important investments to achieve and sustain their competitive advantage. However, none of these investments is more critical than Executive Compensation, as hiring and retaining the BEST executives is paramount to achieving an organization’s short, mid and long-term goals. What makes managing executive compensation challenging is that it is such a dynamic field that involves factoring in a large number of criteria/ decision points to get it right.

LTC has helped hundreds of organizations in the design, development, implementation and communication of their executive compensation programs. Our depth and breadth of experience, extensive understanding of organizational culture, staffing, succession planning, financial and operational metrics, communications and training have made us an invaluable resource to publicly-traded, privately owned and non-profit boards and senior management.

Our Team Can Help When…

  • Your organization needs to determine or re-evaluate your executives’ compensation relative to the competitive market
  • Your organization needs to develop a job offer for a key executive you are trying to hire
  • Your team has not yet agreed on the objectives for your executive compensation program
  • Executive roles need to be clarified or re-examined for benchmarking/ evaluation purposes
  • Prior benchmarking studies need to be updated or the methodology/ survey sources re-evaluated
  • The “mix” of base and incentive pay is unclear or needs to be revisited
  • The “mix” of short-term and any long-term incentives needs to be determined
  • You can benefit from obtaining an objective outside perspective on the selection and utilization of appropriate long-term compensation vehicles, such as equity, phantom stock and/or long-term cash plans
  • You need to establish/ revise pay-for-performance goals, measures and metrics
  • Your executives don’t fully understand (or appreciate) their total compensation programs

Board Compensation

Progressive organizations are relying more and more on their boards to complement and enhance the skills of their executive teams, while providing the strategic guidance needed to help their organizations continue to grow intelligently. Many talented individuals are seeking board roles yet attracting and retaining the BEST board members can be challenging. Of course, once you find these gems, it is important to carefully construct the appropriate total compensation packages.

Our Team Can Help When…

  • You are not sure whether you need a Board of Advisors or Board of Directors, or both
  • Board roles and accountabilities have not yet been solidified
  • You don’t have an effective means of evaluating board members
  • You want to ensure that your board compensation package is appropriate
  • You are unsure about when and how much to consider offering in terms of equity

What Our Clients Have to Say

Faster, superior, less expensive compensation solutions; easy to understand and implement.

Glenn Grindstaff, Prior VP, HR & Ethics Officer L-3 Communications
Glenn Grindstaff, Prior VP, HR & Ethics Officer

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