Training & Communication

Effective training and communications make all the difference in today’s workplace. We teach the “what” and the “why” to educate and engage your team.

Training & Communication

In our dynamic, global economy and hyper-competitive market for top talent, every organization needs an ongoing and effective means of communicating with managers and employees, as well as effective training to help them to better understand their businesses, while improving the types of competencies needed to effectively carry out their evolving responsibilities. Our team is frequently called upon to assist in these areas, especially when new programs or systems are created, and the organizations have been less transparent and clear in sharing important details.  We’ll help you design and facilitate:

  • Goal-setting workshops for execs on selecting, articulating, and aligning the appropriate big-picture, balanced scorecard organizational goals, as well as a “Roadmap” including Vision, Mission, Values and key performance drivers
  • Employee training on selecting and developing individual/ team goals that are aligned with the higher-level management/ organizational goals
  • Identification of critical competencies that reflect the key skills and abilities needed for organizational success
  • Training on a customized Performance & Growth System for managers and employees that includes the how and why of each important aspect of the system
  • Customized training for managers (and employees) on giving and receiving feedback, as well as effective performance coaching
  • User-friendly materials, tools, and training to communicate new base salary, sales compensation, short & long-term incentive plans, and performance development programs
  • Business Essentials training for all employees to share the financial and big picture goals of the business, and establish a link between each role/job and the overall success of the business

Our Team Can Help When…

  • You recognize the need to build an integrated system for improving company and individual performance
  • You need something simple and practical (beyond a strategic plan) that will help leaders know how to best engage their team members to drive results
  • You’ve developed a new or revised pay program or total rewards system that isn’t well understood at all levels
  • Your managers do not yet possess the skills to adequately execute their compensation and performance development responsibilities
  • Your managers are not consistent in their messaging to employees on the purpose and workings of the various components of your total rewards program.
  • You are on the path toward creating a healthy, “high performance” culture where employees act like business partners and share appropriately in the risks and rewards of the business
  • You are moving away from a culture characterized by closed-door meetings toward a more progressive one where transparency is encouraged and valued
  • Your HR Team needs additional resources to equip managers to effectively handle their responsibilities in managing pay and performance

What Our Clients Have to Say

LTC’s Business Essentials Training was extremely well received at all levels. We were able to quickly put the training into use with exceptional results.

John Hoskinson, Prior President Gruber Systems
John Hoskinson, Prior President

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