Not a working day goes by that we are not helping our clients benchmark their base pay, incentive compensation, and/ or executive benefits offerings.


There isn’t a working day of the year when we are not benchmarking client compensation programs, whether from an ad hoc inquiry or from a request to evaluate all organizational roles. We draw from a number of credible survey resources and our methodology/ reporting makes it easy for clients to see where they may be underpaying or overpaying particular individuals, in terms of hourly rates, base salaries, short-term bonuses, sales commissions and/ or long-term incentive pay. We provide competitive pricing options and can often turn these requests around in a timely manner.

Our Team Can Help When…

  • Your organization wants to ensure its pay levels are in line with the external market for quality talent
  • Your company is negotiating to recruit a top-notch candidate and needs to better understand the relevant labor market to formulate an attractive, yet cost-effective employment offer
  • Your organization is overwhelmed by the number of available survey choices and looking for guidance in selecting the most credible survey benchmarking resource(s)
  • You need a simple report that clearly illustrates an incumbent’s total compensation package vs. what credible market data shows
  • Your organization is looking for detailed market information, such as long-term incentive multiples and prevalent executive benefit offerings

What Our Clients Have to Say

For the last few years, we have relied on LTC to provide timely, objective and cost-effective benchmarking on a company-wide & ad hoc basis.

Brian Blake, 1st VP, HR Director Lereta
Brian Blake, 1st VP, HR Director

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