Performance Management / Development

Our team provides simple, customized tools and systems for maximizing employee performance and driving business results.

Performance Management / Development

While organizations continue to evolve their products, processes and technologies, one area continues to be cited as a frustrating weakness by employees as well as their managers: performance appraisal/ management.

Now more than ever, as companies struggle in the “war for talent” and report declining levels of employee engagement, new processes are needed to provide employees with timely and meaningful feedback, as well as a more objective means of measuring and rewarding performance. Enter our team to help yours create a Performance & Growth System tailored to your mission, vision, values, unique culture and performance goals.  We’ll help you create:

  • A process that incorporates more than a once-a-year look-back event
  • A system that enables managers to provide specific, ongoing feedback
  • A means of improving the frequency & quality of employee-manager communications
  • Simple tools and processes for effectively gauging progress in areas such as competency development and goal attainment
  • Tailored training and communications to ensure a process that is clear, administratively simple, and well-perceived by employees and their managers


Our Team Can Help When…

  • Performance Management in your organization is an annual event dreaded by employees and managers that essentially amounts to a subjective “look in the rearview mirror” that does little to motivate employees to continue to learn and grow into the future
  • Your current appraisal system is outdated, administratively burdensome, and not well-perceived by employees and/or managers
  • Your managers are uncomfortable in giving and even receiving feedback, meaning that performance problems often fester or worsen
  • Most team members do not understand how to select and articulate the right goals and then align these up, down and across the organization.
  • You are hoping to develop an ongoing, collaborative system to help each team member achieve their highest levels of performance
  • Your employees’ performance is not linked to higher level management/ company goals.
  • Your current system falls short in linking individual/ team performance to pay
  • You are hoping to become a healthier, higher- performing organization where individuals know what is expected and are motivated to succeed

What Our Clients Have to Say

LTC helped me quickly align & focus one of my prior executive teams in improving performance/ value and preparing the company for sale. They quickly built trust and optimal engagement. I continue to recommend LTC to my business associates.

Brett Hadley, President / CEO & Long-Time Vistage Member Roberts Cosmetics & Containers
Brett Hadley, President / CEO & Long-Time Vistage Member

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