Sales Compensation

We can help you quickly customize your sales compensation program to the evolving needs of your business.

Sales Compensation

Most companies, by now, have bought into the business premise: “grow or die.” That being said, there is no group more responsible for growth than the Sales team. And in the current talent war it is getting harder and harder to attract and retain top sales talent. What’s interesting about key sales positions like C-level and highly specialized technical roles, is that superior sales performers can significantly outperform standard-performing peers. This makes it imperative to ensure that the sales compensation program is designed to appropriately attract, align, focus, reward and retain this critical talent.

Our Team Can Help When…

  • Your organization is under pressure to grow profitably and the sales team is not getting the job done
  • You are unsure if your organization is compensating your sales team appropriately
  • You need more “hunting” vs. “farming” behavior, and you’ve started to wonder if your sales plan is motivating & rewarding the right behavior
  • The current sales comp plan made sense at the onset, but has created some challenges as your organization has evolved
  • The company has grown significantly, but you now realize you may be paying significantly more than you ever anticipated
  • The focus of your sales reps is too narrow, and you need more holistic sales results

What Our Clients Have to Say

In my prior CEO role for a large manufacturing company, I asked LTC to critique our Sales Compensation Plan prior to our national “roll-out.” Their recommendations were totally on point and helped us to better align, focus and optimize our salesforce-great results!

Don Matso, Founder The Valere Group
Don Matso, Founder

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